Income Comes From Assets

The first asset you ever build and the most important is YOU. In the corporate world they call this “human capital”.

Thinking of yourself and your time as an asset is critical. Here’s why. An asset can become more valuable over time. Unfortunately this is not always automatic. It can take a lot of time and effort to build the capital value of these assets.

And you are no different. In the beginning, you might start out by renting out your human capital asset i.e. trading your time for money. You trade one of your hours and an employer compensates you for it.

When I first started my working career an hour of my time was not very valuable. In fact, it was traded for minimum wage. Over time as I got more valuable, so did the amount I could charge for an hour.

How did I increase my value?

Knowledge, experience and skill.

Those three things I’ve gained over the course of my career. Some of it came from mentors and some of it by trial and error. Through it all I’ve tried to stay busy and continually get better.

I put this course together for the version of me that needed it 20+ years ago.

  • I was a graphic designer that saw web design taking over an industry but had zero comfort with code and the technology.
  • I had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted a legitimate side gig that I could grow into my own full-time business.
  • I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it but I was positive I wanted the freedom that came with being my own boss.

If I had all of this packaged up for me in a free web design course I would have been more successful sooner. That’s my goal for you. I want you to have a great place to start where you can gain the knowledge, experience and skill you need to be successful.

Knowledge Experience Skill
Learn Develop Mentor


Knowledge is transformational. It is the asset that increases your value the most. Why go to school? To get knowledge. That’s what you’re going to get with this course. The knowledge of how to build premium business assets that people will pay you to build for them.


Experience is valuable because it means that you have a certain level of expertise. You’ve done something enough times that you have a level of credibility and authority that elicits confidence in your capabilities.

Instead of just teaching you how to build a WordPress website, I’m focusing on the process. Nothing instills confidence in a web design client more than someone that has mastered the process. After all, creation is a process and it works best when the order is respected and embraced.

When you learn to do anything it is always easier if there is a process to follow. A recipe, if you will. Web design is no different. Learn the recipe and then make it your own. To maximize your experience I have included files that you can use and a system that you can repeat. A recipe that you can follow and improve on and eventually make your own.


Skill is a tricky concept made up of confidence, talent, ability, knowledge and experience. What makes it especially tricky for an entrepreneur just starting out is you don’t have a lot of people to bounce ideas off of or to get critiques from. It’s hard to leverage your peer’s knowledge and experience when you’re an army of 1.

I can’t give you skill. Skill is developed over time. What I can give you is support while you develop your skill.


At the end of this course I’ll invite you to my closed Facebook group where you and other graduates can have access to me and some of my colleagues to discuss ideas and leverage each other’s knowledge, experience, and skillset. The better you get the more you can help your peers because we’ll all be building websites on the same foundation.

This course covers a project. It picks up after the project is sold and ends when the project is closed. That is the cornerstone that our businesses will be built on. In the Facebook group, we’ll also discuss everything that comes before and after because what you learn here won’t mean much if you can’t find clients.

My goal is for you to be in a position to successfully start your business when this course is finished. That’s why we’re building the actual website you’ll use to start your business. At the end of this course you’ll have:

  • Your own hosting account
  • Your own domain name
  • A premium, business-focused website
  • The know-how and tools necessary to repeat this process
  • The ability to earn money doing it
  • As an added bonus to help with your SEO:
    Once you complete the course I’ll add you to the directory with a do-follow backlink which is a $100+ value by itself. Why? Because backlinks are a top 3 ranking factor in Google and a backlink from a Web Design Course to your Web Design Company should have some juice.


If you get stuck or have a question during the course, use one of the forms around the site and I’ll do my best to answer it as quickly as possible.

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