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Template – SEO Strategy Plan

3 MONTH SEO STRATEGY TEMPLATE 2019 by Chip Evans, Evans Design Studio THIS EASY TO FOLLOW 3-MONTH SEO STRATEGY TEMPLATE IS PROVEN TO IMPROVE TARGETED TRAFFIC BY GIVING GOOGLE EXACTLY WHAT IT WANTS. Want an in-depth SEO strategy example that would work for anyone looking to improve targeted traffic? Follow the 3 month SEO strategy template below. MONTH 1: DOMAIN REVIEW & SEO STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT INSTALL AND CONFIGURE ANALYTIC & ASSESSMENT TOOLS The domain needs to be assessed so you [...]

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Stock Art

A key part of the design process is researching and acquiring stock art. I generally leave that until I’m designing the page I need the art for unless I have a unifying theme that makes preplanning necessary. Other people work differently and that’s something that you’ll settle into with experience. There is no shortage of stock agencies out there. When designing the vast majority of websites you’ll want to find Royalty Free stock art. This means that you are free [...]

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Lorem Ipsum

In a perfect world the client already has the content created and ready to go like Finicio. We don’t live in a perfect world like Springfield so be prepared to start with partial content or lorem ipsum. Actually, there are a bunch of fun lorem ipsum generators out there like Bacon Ipsum, Heisenberg Ipsum, and Samuel L. Jackson Ipsum – which isn’t for the faint of heart.

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