The Definitive Course

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The Definitive Web Design Course

The Site We'll Build

When we’re done, you’ll have a Website just like this for your Web Design business.

Is the best part that this course is free?

Free is great but the best part is I’m going to walk you through the absolute best way to build websites for businesses right now (in 2019).

In short, if you want to make money building and selling websites, you’ll love this course.

How do I know? Because not only is it exactly how I do it now for every single website I build but it’s also everything I wish someone had told me 20 years ago when I started out.

My Web Design Process

We will build YOUR website together while following my web design process broken down and outlined in Modules 1-5. You’ll also get access to a web design & marketing professional to help you along the way.

Course Outline

This course is broken into 5 modules with each module consisting of the logical tasks that I lead my clients through for each web design project.
At the end of this course, you’ll have a roadmap to designing premium quality websites that you can easily sell to local businesses.
MODULE 1: Project Kickoff
We kickoff this course the exact same way every project begins, by interviewing the client and gathering assets.
MODULE 2: Website Design
After we gather assets & information we start the design process offline.
MODULE 3: Website Development
After the design comp is approved and all content is gathered, we move online to Website Development.
MODULE 4: QA & Optimization
After the website has been presented and revised, we perform quality assurance and optimization to ensure the site performs as expected.
MODULE 5: Website Delivery
This course ends the exact same way every project ends, with delivery which includes the launch, hand-off and closing the project.
Free Web Design Course Process

In this course I will teach you to:

  • Build a Premium Website Without Writing Code
  • Scale Your Business with a Repeatable Process
  • Start Every Project with Your Own Copies of Professional Documents Used in This Course
  • Become a Web Design Project Management Expert
  • Save Time and Increase Profits
  • Build Your Own Premium Website

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