A key part of the design process is researching and acquiring stock art. I generally leave that until I’m designing the page I need the art for unless I have a unifying theme that makes preplanning necessary. Other people work differently and that’s something that you’ll settle into with experience.

There is no shortage of stock agencies out there. When designing the vast majority of websites you’ll want to find Royalty Free stock art. This means that you are free to use it without limitation. You may need to credit the creator and you should never resell it, but you can alter it and use it without limit on behalf of your client.

The other option is Rights Managed stock art. There are a lot of rules as to how you can use rights managed stock like how big it can be, which page it can be on, how many people can see it before you have to pay more, etc. It can be very expensive and quite prohibitive for small businesses. I’ve honestly found it to be unnecessary.

I have a subscription to Adobe Stock and Envato. I also will use Pexels sometimes because they have really good photography for free. For the site we’re building I used Pexels exclusively to keep your costs to a minimum. Conserving money is a key ingredient to beginning a successful small business.


There are many more. Have a favorite that wasn’t included? Shoot me an email.